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Re: YouTube: Noro sensei's jo kata

If you visit my " Ellis Aikido video Channel "
You will see that I have moved a short video of my old teacher Masahilo Nakazono Sensei to number one on page one, if you have not seen this before ? watch the last technique just as the movie finishes..
The Aikido of the early teachers ~ Kenshiro Abbe ~ M Nakazono ~ Tadashi Abbe was very positive, we were so surprised when Noro Sensei arrived with his more ``flamboyant `` graceful yet powerful Aikido...We then had problems as we had alternate visits from Nakazono Sensei and Noro Sensei. After a visit say from Noro Sensei we would practice hard what he had taught, when Nakazono arrived a couple of months later he would get angry and demand to know ``what are you doing ?`` and when Noro arrived he would ask the same,,,,,,,,,,Even in those early days Noro Sensei was very graceful so after his serious car crash and his development of his kinomichi soft style of Aikido movement came as no surprise to me.
There are many old photos on my British-Aikido site photo galleries.
Henry Ellis
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