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Re: So I started the solo exercises...

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
I was teaching in a Birenkai Aikido dojo last night and subject of "exercises" came up and why I don't do a lot of them.
Has anyone considered the nature of these various "exercises" and what they are and are not doing to and for your body?
Have you considered not doing exercises, or at least augmenting them with standing still and manifesting intent?
How about standing still with someone pressing on your arm and other body parts and changing the pressure both you and they feel by changing what you are doing in your body...without you moving at all?
How about at several body contact points at once like a judo set up and then slowly changing them constantly or at the same time.
Has anyone considered how this intent driven movement would generate power of a type or open up an idea for something completely different,
That they are not all the same even with the same type of core intent driven movement?

There are different ways to manifest intent. And in joining it with movement there are also different ways to move the body WITH intent that are not all the same or IMO, even equal.
Power can be an interesting idea. but it is not the real end game.
Good point Dan. I think some of us are so eager to get the skills that we approach the exercises like little kids opening presents during Christmas. I think that's what I did my first year of doing this stuff. I got 'strong' doing the exercises, but because I wasn't practising intelligently, I ended up tensing parts of the body that I shouldn't tense (instead of 'tensing' the shoulders I'd tense my chest or my lower back).

More and more am I interested in simple pushing exercises that you speak of. Although it's hard to find some people who will push on me . Guess I'm gonna have to join a BJJ gym for some people to push on me.

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