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Phil Van Treese
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Re: Training with Tomiki Sensei

As a Judoka also, Tomiki didn't remove all the judo from his framework. He taught it as a blending and not a separate art. The ashi waza (footwork) was a combination of ballroom and judo movements. That's why Tomiki shihan was considered an "outsider" since all the others thought he was going to turn aikido into a sport and not a martial art.
Tomiki Shihan was very tall and on the slim side but powerful in ki and movements. Yes, Tomiki Shihan and Ohba Shihan would take ukemi. 2 reasons why----1) to show the proper way to fall and roll and 2) to "feel" the student(s) waza and where correction was needed. Any Instructor/shihan that takes falls for their students will always be great in their student's eyes. I do it all the time, others don't. Their choice but I feel if I don't take ukemi for my students, I won't know where they need work. Being thrown is no disgrace but a learning tool and that's what is needed.
Tanto was added because of the need, maybe, for close in fighting. While the bo and jo are fun to work with, I don't see a whole lot of people walking down the street with one. However, a tanto can be used and carried easily. If I don't have a tanto, I can pick up a stick, branch, a pipe etc and use it like a tanto in my defense if needed. Tanto is a training tool and it develops the skill needed to use it when necessary.
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