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Actually, I found that uchi and soto helped clear things up. I mean, when you first learning I suppose it just adds to the firehose of information being blasted down one's throat...but I didn't really pick up uchi and soto in regards to aikido until I had been training awhile. One thing I learned in least my there is a difference between tenkan and tenkai....AAA didn't make a difference on that account (at least not my AAA teachers).

Last instructor's meeting, one of the seniors looked up the kanji for tenkan and tenkai. One of the translations of tenkan, he found, was a conversion. One for tenkai translated to the idea of a rotation or revolution. This makes sense as, for us, tenkan is a shift...or conversion from one stance to the other without moving the balls of the feet....while tenkai is a pivot...using front foot as the pivot point with the rear leg following. I have the kanji, but can't figure out how to put them on here are they are on my hard drive and not from a link.

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