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My wife and I are taking the journey through history to find our ancestors. In my line I am related to many of the early kings of Scotland, of England, France and even Roman Emperors. We have traced it to around 1040. One of my son's has passed and the other in his 40's shows no signs of having children. It looks like my line will end with him. It is interesting to feel the generations past alive in the present self. It gives an interesting perspective.

As usual a well written wonderful article. Many thanks.

Perhaps we are related. I've not done the genetic tests, but I get my paternal name from one of the oldest of the Scottish clans. Back then, it was common for people to take the name of a nearby successful clan, so of course I can't be too sure of a blood relationship going all the way. But still, it's fun to think.

The Robertson's claim a direct lineage to King Duncan I, of MacBeth fame. The same line is purported to descend from the ancient Pictish kings.

Geneology, or genetics, matter, certainly. And I love my three boys like nobody's business. It is a privilege to be a father, and perhaps someday, grandfather. Yet our genetic contribution to future generations is already considerably diluted within an easy handful of iterations.

Far more lasting, potentially, are our ideas and the example of how we've chosen to live. So I think your "line" little depends on whether your children (or even you) reproduce biologically.

In writing to me, you've reproduced yourself all the way from Nevada to Texas, and of course everywhere else all around the world wherever anyone cares to tune in.

This was one of my central points in the article. We should be grateful to our fleshly forebears, but so much more of our existence is the crystallization of the ideas and labors of an unimaginably complex web of human interaction. Accordingly, our own actions today can have consequences and implications that can last for centuries or more.

I think this should both give pause and embolden. Pause, because we may realize that what we do (or fail to do) really does matter. Embolden, for exactly the same reason. We can make a real difference, if we simply choose.

Whether or not you and I are related, it means the world to me that you and I are relating.

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