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I'm pretty sure that Dennis Hooker and George Ledyard will chime in soon. Hope so anyway.

I must admit that I also am caught by Ueshiba's dream. I think that dream was shared my many ... quite a few of them came before Ueshiba Morihei. Humans all have "feet of clay." Its the dream itself that captured me many years ago. In fact, I sort of grew up with it and it seemed like hearing the echo of my own heartbeat.

I know several people that are still with us that I think live as examples of that dream in action. Tsuneo Nishioka-sensei (menkyo kaiden of Shinto Muso Ryu) for one. I won't list the others as they would scold me for being presumptuous. Nishioka-sensei would just think I'm too full of tea.


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