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Re: Using less force on a smaller person w/o being patronizing

If I understand Niall's original point a few posts back, the idea is that uke provides the force, and nage/tori only needs to provide the conduits to harmless resolution of that force. Then the throw happens purely because uke continues to attack. (Uke's force throws him.)

I've always liked the idea, and the internal folks' descriptions of application seem to jive with it.
But I keep wondering how complete a picture that is:
Basia Halliop wrote: View Post
Certainly people seem to throw ME with a lot of force sometimes .
It would be easy for us to say those partners are just doing it wrong, they should let uke's force do all the work. But maybe they are not so wrong-- what about "aikido is 99% atemi" (oh my the number gets higher every time)? Even if atemi can mean things other than your fist traveling through the air to impact your partner, doesn't it still mean there are lots of times when nage should provide force?

Still mulling this over. Sure is fun to put some force in, at certain times, in certain places. And effective at resolving the interaction. But it is a nice challenge to do without adding of forces.. does that mean it is the right way? Or just something good to play with?
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