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Re: So I started the solo exercises...

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Dan, that makes a lot of sense and seems like the logical "next step" of what to work for after you have spent time conditioning the basics, etc. Hoping to have more to say on that in the near future. Still just doing the conditioning work, right now.

If I remember right, you have also commented how you needed to spend time "failing" in competition settings (against grapplers, etc.) until you'd moved past the trying-to-win-with-old-instincts phase. Was that to give your body a chance to adapt the new methods of "carrying itself" to that more-at-speed paradigm?
Yes. As I state publicly in large rooms, "I learned this from the flat of my back, don't think you will skip that phase."
I almost quite and went back to the way I trained before. I just went through this with an MMA guy with a fight record I played with who was very intrigued by it. "How do I adopt it into fighting?" To which I replied "You can't. Not for a long time.
I tell guys over and over NOT TO TRAIN THIS WAY. In fact last year I trained a guy for his first sanctioned fight and I didn't train him one bit in "this stuff," but rather with western methods with some "twists" to his training.

I would make an addition to your comment about "old instincts." It isn't just about trying to win and fighting old instincts alone. "You are not necessarily going to win with the new instincts either." There are ways to train this stuff that are real and genuine and part of the TMA that will work and others that will not, I have my own opinions and experiences about "this stuff" and what are some important differences that I have found that work all the time and others that are marginal and still others that are crap.

Some claim it's all the same, I'm betting that you and some other sharp guys here -in the end- are going to have some of the same opinions and experiences that I and some of the guys who trained with me in certain venues have had. I am looking forward to reading and hearing your feedback in the years ahead of what you think is really excellent training, and what turned out to be for crap, for use in TMA or MMA, and then read your views on what was supposedly "all the same" about the stuff and what turned out to be anything. but!
Good luck in your training.
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