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Re: Control in the martial arts.

I think the pure essence of the Martial Arts from long ago was to have control of yourself-through training your body to retain a balanced state in yourself. It was this state that produced so much centered power that you found normal people were far more easily controlled by your own movements and will, in lue of their own. I think all of the stories and legends about incredible control and power were all based on this principle. Including the mental control of distance and precursors to centered movement.
Interestingly enough how many times have we read of the legends going off to train by themselves and of power and skill they developed...all while the many thousands of practitioners who spent years learning more techniques became nothing more than budo wallpaper from which these men...stood apart.
It is a different way to look at control and power, but perhaps it was actually -thee way- it was supposed to be looked at in the first place, regardless of venue.

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