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Re: Control in the martial arts.

Budd Yuhasz wrote: View Post
6) A funny thing - when I got back into boxing some years back what actually helped me a lot was the weapons work I'd done as it gave me a much better feel for controlling the distance and ring.
Our kenjutsu has kata with fukuroshinai (heavier fully leather covered shinai than say kendo variety) which allow for various techniques involving body contact. Also, as you start getting better, the speed/power goes up, and being clonked on the head (or perhaps elbow because you didn't clear the line) is a good wake up call that you were too slow, or your alignment wasn't right (uke needs to judge what is appropriate here - why seniors traditionally take uke role).

When practicing with bokken/bokuto that also helps concentrate the mind - you generally want to avoid being hit with those...

Recently had a class being shown the "spicy" version of kihondachi kata with bokken. Normally done at a slightly safer distance, but in this case close which also develops your ukemi skills!

I like Diane Skoss's article "Why women should wield weapons":
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