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Blake Holtzen
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Re: So I started the solo exercises...

Thanks everyone for the great posts. Good stuff being said.

I forgot to add number four though...

4) What relationship do the internal connections trained in IP execises have with Chi/Ki?

Is all the talk from old masters about chi/ki just a different way of describing what is happening in the body or is their the other half of the internal power equation working with chi/ki? I know some people have said that all the chi/ki talk is just mystical fluffy bunny poopoo and that really the only "internal" there is is based solely on structure, groundpath, fascia, etc. But, some of the old masters from both JMA and CMA talked at great lengths about chi/ki and how to use it and develop it. Was this just a grand delusion or ignorance of biomechanics?

Thanks again to all who posted.

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