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Re: So I started the solo exercises...

Great posts from Rob John and Dan. Very informative.

Dan wrote "Were you able to generate some simple intent-based movement you can experiment and satisfy your own questions; have someone push on your chest and then sink with intent while rising over him with intent. Then stop and start over by contracting muscle groups to do the same thing and see how far you can get with that. Then ask your buddy which one felt more powerful and is harder to "read." " This is something that we do with my teacher and the projecting intent over your opponent is something i have to work on. My teacher says this is done as part of 'peng' and if you continue your intent to the ground (and under the ground) it becomes 'an'.

I have also started doing supplemental solo exercises (due to a knee injury), i still practice my taiji form. But since the beginning of the year i have also been doing various other exercises such as Hong Junsheng's foundation work (positive and negative circles) and shikko that Ark does (though frankly i am sure i am not doing it right, i try to do it in a very relaxed and controlled manner - due to my knee - with no movement of the arms and legs only from the hara). I have noticed a jump in my push hands skill. That said i am still not sure what the intent of Shikko should be. To that end i would be grateful if Rob could me some pointers?

much obliged
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