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Re: So I started the solo exercises...

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Anyway, Im stuck in Korea for another year and there is a paucity of good martial arts (you wont believe how big Tae Kwon Do is over here... ) so I will have lots of time to drill the solo exercises. I hope to infuse the IP training into my CMA practice. Hopefully this doesn't put off Dan Harden... I still want to train with him...
Hey there are some guys do Aunkai tanren in Korea. Mostly we practice at home by oneself and together at a gym in Seoul on saturday or sunday. By the way, I live in Suwon and another guy(David) lives in Seoul. I do Aikido and David does MMA. We are planning to visit Tokyo on Aug. I'd be very happy if you join us. Mail me if you are interested (jmin.yoo AT


ps. Good to see Rob John on aikiweb again!
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