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So I started the solo exercises...

Okay, so I'm taking a momentary break from shikko (to let the burn in my legs subside) and my mind started to wander...

I recently got corrections on three of the tanren exercises that the Aunkai does (shikko, tenchijin, ashiage) and it has really opened my eyes to a different training methodology as far as internal strength is concerned. My previous experience has all been CMA based so my paradigm is based on that. Aunkai's exercises seem to be more tension-based which would seem to contradict the CIMA approach. Has anyone else thought this? However, it seems that alot of the descriptions of what is happening in the body and the alignments that one must have are pretty similar across the board. But, this got me wondering about some training questions...

1) What role, if any, does static training or zhan zhuang (standing meditation) play in the development of internal power?

My experience with yiquan is that they tend to develop the three pairs of opposing forces in a static way first. But, Aunkai has one training dynamically from the beginning. Would their method benefit from some static training? What exercises provide one with the most bang for their practice time buck?

2) What role, if any, does auxillary western-based strength training play in the development of the "actualized IP practitioner"?

Surely, if one person that trained only IP (through MMA based Aunkai or Dan Harden's methods) crossed hands with someone that trained IP AND strength trained, would not the second individual come out on top, assuming the same level of skill development? I ask this because I have heard the Ark is well...ripped and I have heard that Dan Harden is a physical beast (I mean this in a good way, no disrespect). It is my understanding that these exercises do not train the superficial muscles as much as the tissues beneath (tendons, fascia, etc.). I personally train in Crossfit-type and High Internsity Training (HIT) workouts.

3) What role does tension play in the development of IP?

Is tension required only in as far as to retain your alignments or is more tension better? It seems some methods use less and some use more. How much is enough?

Anyway, Im stuck in Korea for another year and there is a paucity of good martial arts (you wont believe how big Tae Kwon Do is over here... ) so I will have lots of time to drill the solo exercises. I hope to infuse the IP training into my CMA practice. Hopefully this doesn't put off Dan Harden... I still want to train with him...

So, enough of my rambling, I gotta get back to shikko. I am excited about where this training will lead and I feel I have taken my first step (or stomp? ah I crack myself up...) on the IP path.

Thanks for reading.

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