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Re: Interesting Video: San Shou Tuishou with Chen Ziqiang

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Omigod... I'm defeated again by the Dan Ghost Peanut Gallery of Supporters who are all calling and emailing Dan on the side. It's an impossible battle. Ask just a few of them to write their observations (including I.S. skills, which undoubtedly the "Strong Men" have aplenty) out in the public so we can enjoy their expert insights and learn from their experiences.


Mike "Ghost Fighter" Sigman
Supporters? Hardly. And why would that have to be? You put the video up and people watched it. Why is a discussion among people who happen to disagree with you have to mean ugly things about....them? Three of these guys I only know from here.

Is that how it works with you? Anyone who disagrees with you is an enemy (like you stated in a post) and means they're bad?
How curious.