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Re: Interesting Video: San Shou Tuishou with Chen Ziqiang

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Stan, how about starting another thread and explain what it is that WHJ and Dan are doing so that all the poor sufferers will understand? I think it would be a good thread for you to explain how you just couldn't get the Truth (tm) for so many years until you met WHJ and then, at one of WHJ's workshops, Dan attended and impressed you. (Hmmmm.... didn't Herb Rich make some telling comments about that workshop, since he was the one who hosted it?).

But any way, any enlightenment from you would be helpful. Another thread, please?


Mike Sigman
When Greg brought up that he trained with Tohei and answered a started being sarcastic and calling him "an expert".
When David talked about his own perosonal experiences you said "well you're the expert."
When Josh apologized for something he said and wrote you- you said "No more need to wrtie-you're done"
Now Stan, who has always said he is low level, but has gone out to feel various "real experts" says something- he gets"why don't you tell me you're the expert"
I comment on movement and you attack an "expert and Chinese overlord"
I've lost track of so many others...

What is the nature of this truly bizzare behaviour in attacking people left and right? None of whom claim any expertise and openly and repeatedly deny it? How does personal attacks and vitriol add to a discussion or have a place on aikiweb?


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