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Re: Interesting Video: San Shou Tuishou with Chen Ziqiang

I continue to read dialogue "around" the topic, or insulting posters themselves without you offering anything substantial-good or bad- constructive or even informative about the movement shown and the martial veracity. If the subject of actual fighting skill instead of solo demo's is past your comfort zone (I know it isn't your interest) just say so? It is for many martial artists, no harm, no foul.

Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
So a demonstration at a workshop in which an arbitrary opponent makes a move for demonstration purposes is part of your critique? OK, I can accept that from you.
I see several very welcomed attempts at throws
What you "see" as cheap shots is not what is going on.
I will mark the added insult to my character from you yet again.

I see. Wait a minute... you disparage people using your subjective viewpoint and now you want objective discourse after you slammed someone at a basement grabass?
I'm confused. are.

I dunno, Dan.... you tell me. If a real professional is dealing with a bunch of amateurs should he carefully handle them or break bones? Good question.
I see clear throw attempts made and only throw attempts. I do this with strikes and kicks ad throw attempts-all done in a hold back mode. There is occasional cuts here and there but no real harm. There are any number of grappling venues where you can see this on a regular basis. A 'real" profesional should have no trouble handling themselves in casual sparring. If you can't see that...well, it is my experience that many traditional artists don't understand that give and take either. That might explain why you can't tell the difference in what is going on in these videos of casual sparring.

Oh goodness... it seems like there is yet another person who is just not up to the godlike position of Dan the Reincarnated Chinese Overlord. Oh well... there are so many of us, maybe I can get lost in the crowd.
I think if you had spent time winning and losing and tapping out and being tapped out you would not apply as much weight to winning and losing. Winning just doesn't have the type of ego attachment to it that most TMA apply. You could lose again in the very same day. Most grapplers and people who really have fought understand this. It's just another day at the office.
I think of your comments and insults toward me like the desk sergeant not understanding those who have gotten their boots dirty.

<Snip trival noise>
if you'll look, my initial comment had to do with why you denigrated a known national Chinese champion as not being up to par with you.
Par with me? I have nothing to do with it. What about my mentioning him in context with other chen guys? No comment?

<Snip trivial noise>

1. Address the points- not the people. You have not offered a single meaningful comment about movement and interchange. I am beginning to doubt you really can in these venues.
2. Why does he lose ground so often and how? Demos are far easier than real.
3. If you don't know or can't answer...fine.
4.If you have a clue but will not answer...well. That speaks for itself.

If you're not interested in discussing the topic just say so, there is no need to pretend and resorting to insulting people.

I will note the various insults and invectives you continually spew for no reason when the topic of actual fighting and use of these skills comes up.
Good luck in your training