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Re: Interesting Video: San Shou Tuishou with Chen Ziqiang

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
In the other video, I am discussing the throw attempt and movement in various places-including- and in particular- .015 to .017
So a demonstration at a workshop in which an arbitrary opponent makes a move for demonstration purposes is part of your critique? OK, I can accept that from you.
There is no meaning to the argument about real or not real.
I see.
Address the points- not the people.
If you're not interested in discussing the topic just say so, there is no need to pretend.
Wait a minute... you disparage people using your subjective viewpoint and now you want objective discourse after you slammed someone at a basement grabass? I'm confused.
So, demo or no, play or no, why does he lose ground so often and how? Demos are far easier than real.
I dunno, Dan.... you tell me. If a real professional is dealing with a bunch of amateurs should he carefully handle them or break bones? Good question.
If you don't know or can't answer...fine.
If you have a clue but will not answer...well. That speaks for itself.
Oh goodness... it seems like there is yet another person who is just not up to the godlike position of Dan the Reincarnated Chinese Overlord. Oh well... there are so many of us, maybe I can get lost in the crowd.
That's simply uncalled for.
You are the only person here- NOT -engaging in civil discourse. I Can't address why or where the "enemy" comment is relavant in any way.
Whoa.... hold on. I'm not the person who has trivialized everyone from Ueshiba, Shioda, WHJ, etc., for the last years. I think I've asked some pretty factual questions and, if you'll look, my initial comment had to do with why you denigrated a known national Chinese champion as not being up to par with you, even though the video was only about a basement grabass. Try not to throw me under the bus because I see what a number of other people have already rolled their eyes about. Try a graceful exit and pretend that people like Stan don't have a harsh effect on your reputation in re "senior Chinese IMA teachers who adore you" (for the moment).


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