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Re: Interesting Video: San Shou Tuishou with Chen Ziqiang

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I just realized that this 'other' video has got nothing to do with the first one in the O.P. In this 'other' video, we're looking not at a 'after the workshop grabass in the basement' but an actual workshop where CZQ is trying to teach a point. Are you really suggesting that every point an instructor is trying to make should be "The Real Thing" (TM)? This is verging on insanity or at least the world of the very young. How about if I go to a DR workshop and only do "The Real Thing" in every attack? Trust me, it would disrupt the whole learning process. Jeez.


Mike Sigman
In the other video, I am discussing the throw attempt and movement in various places-including- and in particular- .015 to .017

There is no meaning to the argument about real or not real. I also see no reason for all the commentary and slithered-in insults about insanity and youth, which is why I wrote this.
I continue to read dialogue "around" the topic, or of the posters themselves without you offering anything substantial-good or bad- constructive or even informative about the movement shown and the martial veracity.
Address the points- not the people.
If you're not interested in discussing the topic just say so, there is no need to pretend.
So, demo or no, play or no, why does he lose ground so often and how? Demos are far easier than real.
If you don't know or can't answer...fine.
If you have a clue but will not answer...well. That speaks for itself.

Let's you and I try to engage in civil discourse and get around all those losers
That's simply uncalled for.
You are the only person here- NOT -engaging in civil discourse. I can't address why or where the "enemy" comment is relavant in any way.

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