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Re: Yoshinkan and "aiki"

David Orange wrote: View Post
No. Haragei is a way of silent communication. It's not related to martial arts. It's more, really, a sort of "good old boys'" nod and wink kind of thing: when people are from the same background and have very closely related interests (particularly political interests), they don't need to say much. Or else they can say one thing, but the people who count will understand that they really think the opposite.

Haragei (Japanese: 腹芸, literally: belly art, or belly performance) is a Japanese word referring to the art of exuding one's personal energy, ki (Chinese qi) primarily from the hara, at base of the abdomen, three finger widths below and two finger widths behind the navel.

I don't understand your terminology, unless you were trying to be silly. I never heard of haragei defined as you put it.

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