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Hi Chuck,

Is there anybody else on this forum? Not that I mind talking to you, but it would be nice to get a larger group going.

I think that Peter Goldsbury is out for O-bon, but I'd hoped that George Ledyard would join in sometime...
C.E. Clark (Chuck Clark) wrote:
I think Ueshiba-sensei's doka and other writings are difficult to understand. They are often very poetic and leave lots of room for those translating them to add their own slant.

One of the great mistakes I made many years ago was to decide not to really become fluent in Japanese. I would love to be able to read the originals.
It's pretty tough even for Japanese folks - a lot of people just shake their heads when I ask them about obscure passages .

Most of the translations that I've seen aren't bad - I think that it's mostly that the people reading them are reading them out of context. Since most of what's floating around is individual sentence length quotes and short poems it's a little bit like taking a few choice sentences from the bible, and translating them into a foreign language where the people reading them have very little knowledge of christianity and the bible as a whole.

It wasn't until I started reading M. Ueshiba discussing these things at length and in detail that the shorter quotes that usually float around started making sense to me.
C.E. Clark (Chuck Clark) wrote:
I really am not a "die hard" follower of Ueshiba-sensei. I believe all teachers should not only be a model for students to copy, but they also need to teach the students how to really learn and take the art further than their teachers and develop their own authority.

I am a student of budo. My goal is to realize the paradox of having the ability to do great harm but choosing the way of peace (while doing as little harm as possible). As you said, all of the great teachers have given us very similar philosophies.
It's all ice-cream, 31 flavors no waiting . Still, I have to admit that the flavor of Ueshiba's dream is what captures me, for all that, technically, I tend to be fairly eclectic.



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