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Re: Yoshinkan and "aiki"

Hi Mike and Dan

I just received the Shioda DVD today (ordered from Amazon Japan) and I noticed that Shioda does something similar to fajing when using Aiki (i.e. a short sharp issuing movement). However the odd thing is that he quite often ends up on his tip toes when he finishes his breaking the uke's balance or throwing him. Sometimes he ends up in a jump in Randori and is kind of hopping around the room.

Is this just because he is short or because of momentum? Or is there something else happening? In push hands I have been taught to anchor the back foot when doing fajing, to use the ground and not overcommit by leaning too far forward, thus my feet end up firmly on the floor. This seems to be a very unstable way to do it.

I have to caveat I am still very much a beginner at this and although I can uproot a lot of my peers who are rooted when my hands are on their chest and pin them against the wall, I can't do standing aikiage well (opponent holding both hands) nor break them in other directions down, sideways or otherwise with any degree of consitency.

Appreciate any insight you guys may have. Many thanks.

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