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8/12/2002 10:16pm [from Jun Akiyama]

I just wanted to announce (a bit belatedly) that AikiWeb just celebrated its 5th anniversary on August 1st, 2002! The website was first opened to the public on August 1st, 1997. The first day, the homepage received two hits. The second, one hit. On the third day, though, it received 31 hits. The next, 75. It celebrated its first "100+" homepage hits on August 7th. Its next milestone occured about a year later on August 5th, 1998 when it served out exactly 1000 home page hits. I just want to thank everyone's support in the past and hope your support will continue in the future. Without all of your contributions, well wishes, and love for aikido, the website would not be as successful as it is now. Thank you! Best regards to everyone. -- Jun
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