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Re: Practical Aikido DVD - Robert Koga

Steven Bittle wrote: View Post
Hello all,

Looking at purchasing Robert Koga's Practical AIkido DVDs and I was wanting to know if any of you have these and what your opinion of them are. Do these give you a pretty good idea about the underlying principles of his Aikido. Is it mostly demonstration or does he talk about why he made changes he did to given techniques.


Hi Steven.....Its been awhile since you posted this so I dont know if you got the video or not.
I recently graduated from a police academy that trains its cadets in the use of Koga's Arrest control. It is awesome and VERY effective.

In response to some of the posters that said they didnt know any agencies that used it because its to time consuming. More and more agencies are starting to see that quality training is in the long run better than cheap. The Koga System has never had a successful law suit against it when the issue of police brutality has been raised.

I know for certain that Aurora colorado uses it. The SWAT team there swears by it. Several others currently use it not positive on who other than Baltimore.
LA use Koga when Robert Koga was there used it and for a while after So did Denver. But it is expensive so alot of agencies dont want to pay for it.
So they opt for PPCT or The FBI method. Having seen all of those used Koga is by far the most effective.

Let me give an example in the difference in training. The typical PPCT training program is 40hrs long. The basic Koga training program is 150hrs. I think you can see how big a difference that is =)
I highly Recommend that if you can. Go to one of Robert Koga's workshops. I dont know if the video will give you much unless you have someone to practice with. That being said we all know that learning something from a video isnt nearly as good as having first hand instruction..

Good luck in your pursuits.
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