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Re: Yoshinkan and "aiki"

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Hi Allen
I have to get used to seeing you here now eh?
I don't think many in the JMA see that connection and how it adds, not detracts. Also the ability to discern; good or bad, correct or incorrect, what is more useful and martial and what is not, is always a concern-you could spend years chasing a dead end.

Ah yes, I forgot about him and Richard Kim as well.
What did Mas say in his book about his Daito ryu teacher Something like "To my most valued teacher...."

what is it they say about a bad penny or a bad smell?
Actually i have been lurking here for a while but i rarely post here as my knowledge of JMA is rudimentary. I mostly read some of the interesting discussions here, it is all internal training to my mind (one way or another).
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