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Re: Yoshinkan and "aiki"

Oisin Bourke wrote: View Post
I understand solo/breath training is vital, but I don't see how Alan's comments contradict what I said. I'm not knocking training that makes one BETTER. I'm questioning training that takes one away from learning within the perameters of one's art, especially at the beginning levels.
That's the problem, Oisin: the parameters of one's art.

Oisin Bourke wrote: View Post
It's a fine line between innovation and conservation for sure.
That's the thing: modern aikido is the innovation. IS is the root. It's what Morihei had that Kisshomaru didn't. It's what daito ryu has (in some places) and aikido doesn't (usually).

Oisin Bourke wrote: View Post
My main point is that, before people dismiss models of practice that seem antiquated/inefficient, we should be aware that these practices may hold vital teachings that only reveal themselves over time,
Yeah. The big point on the IS side is not to reject the antiquated: that's where the real stuff is. The modern practices have abandoned that for a group kind of practice that omits the kind of power Ueshiba (Morihei) and Takeda Sokaku both had in spades.

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