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Re: Yoshinkan and "aiki"

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Follow up.
I think the above sounds to condescending. That wasn't my intent at all. Let me try it again
It's okay, after a while one gets used to the general tone of your posts.

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1. What they say versus what they do
I don't think we can ever go by what Asian teachers "say." Too many times their movements and actions do not align with what they say.
In Ueshiba's case his movements are far more revealing than the one liners he is noted for. Perhaps, one liners serve to create a legacy-the famous one liners you can be noted for, but they certainly do not lead to a road map of what to do. In fact often times they leave conflicting information and understanding in your wake.
I find it unfair to blame the use of pieces of sentences taken out of their context by students of a teacher who was notorious for his long, complex explanations. I don't buy the idea that O Sensei blew smoke in the face of his students for hours for no reason.

I agree that the maxims and douka found in many aikido books are not very helpful (if at all). However, I know of at least one shihan who systematically recorded his conversations with the Founder on tape (then he learned them by heart). How he used the information is another matter, but at least he was provided with the complete message and the context that came with it.

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