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Re: Cultivating a mind for training honestly.

@kevin leavitt: CONTROL it totally.

I wonder if we can really control anything at all except ourselves? When there is a breakdown of communication, does it not mean we got distracted and did not establish our mindset to respond to the attacker correctly?

If we were to try to control anything, would that not mean pre-meditating on what the attacker is going to do? I understand that can be done but is that highest form that we are striving for?

I read something interesting in a book called "the unfettered mind" by takuan soho. It said something to the effect that our response to an attacker should be in the same time interval as the time it takes for a spark to appear when two stones strike each other.

Perhaps, i am putting in the wrong context or the wrong thread, but in all cases, i appreciate the answers .

Thank you,
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