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Re: Yoshinkan and "aiki"

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I had thought that's what would happen, i am at the moment trying to "free up the waist from the hips" but thus far having some difficulties, though it is a work in progress. My problem is that my bloody hips keep wanting to move with the waist. Should the hips remain stationary? Or should they have some movement?

I had a thought which may or may not be relate to this topic, in regard to the hara/dan tian (please forgive any wrong use of Japanese terms as i am not 100% how they correspond to the Chinese). I had started a thread at another forum in regard to generating power from this area, in trying to create a loop going down from the front of the chest to the dantian then up the spine and out through the hands.
Hi Allen
I would say that " freeing the waist form the hips" is loaded comment that in and of itself..can be an entirely external endeavour that may not produce quite the end results you are looking for.
I m writing from my phone while fishing in S. C....more later
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