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Bruce Baker
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do this, not that?

You know, I have seen all kinds of teachers who have taught in completely different styles, some of them recited knowledge that was given to them by their teacher, and some of them explained the underlying mechanics with real meanings of their instructed movements.

Testing does indeed provide a platform for the maintenence and continued high quality of preserving the techniques of a martial art, but sometimes the real test is what you do when you really are faced with a situation that calls for either using physical action, or physical restraint.

Some lessons are easily absorbed, while others require years of practice and experience. There are a lot of cookie cutter tests that will show physical proficiency while the character of the practitioner is not questioned. Hopefully, we will progress in spiritual growth as we practice and test for proficiency.

I see about a 30% success rate in those under forty, while most of those over forty have learned lessons either the hard way, or from experience. There is no easy way to override the sexual hormornal drive that interferes with a clear mind, but that is the emotional batttle of growing up and becoming at ease with yourself.

So, as far as testing is concerned, it is all a circle that connects with the master becoming the beginner. If that is the case, the only test that really matters is how your practice makes your life better, and will you have the clarity to use it or not use it when the time comes?

The final test is not in the dojo, but in your everyday quality of life.
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