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Re: "Battered Briton Survives Aikido Ordeal"

Ahmad of course you are right - there is a difference between Japanese police officers who need to be confident in a confrontation (and it is very rare for a gun to be drawn or used in Japan) and the kind of experience Mark is talking about. By the way the funny part is at the end of the article when the 'battered Briton' Andrew Carter says, "I will take the course again..."

Have you read Angry White Pyjamas? There is an unpleasant macho ethos running through it kind of like a memoir of joining the foreign legion. One episode I remember from it is a teacher deliberately and sadistically causing an injury. That's related to Mark's comment but it goes beyond macho posturing to bullying. Maybe deliberately causing injury has been talked about in other threads. It isn't confined to Yoshinkan. I know of teachers or instructors who have deliberately hurt an uke also at the Aikikai Hombu Dojo and at the Tendokan in Tokyo. In aikido there is a phase of the technique where you are in the hands of the tori and really you need to be able to trust the person doing the technique to stop when you signal maitta. Perhaps we're on to the theme of ukemi.

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