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Re: Romantic Feelings for a Girl at the Dojo

Matthew Ryan wrote: View Post
I also like a girl at Aikido. At first I was a little ashamed and embarrassed, the last thing I wanted to do was use Aikido as a way of finding love. I was attracted to this girl physically, but did not wish to become "involved" with her as I felt it would complicate things.

It was easy at first as I didn't train with her, or have any close contact. After a while we started training together. The way that she would look into my eyes, and the way she acted towards me in general gave me the impression that she "liked" me. I am not sure if my gut feeling was correct, but suddenly I found that she was becoming more irresistible to me.

I try to be strong and resist temptation and can think of numerous reasons in my mind why I shouldn't get involved with he, but in my hart and spirit I want to give it a go, and feel like I wont be at peace until I do so.

I only hope that I can find the inner strength to talk to her as an adult and explain the situation. I am no longer ashamed of my feelings towards her and recognize that they are only natural, and hope that she can understand.

Sure I want more than anything to be with her, but at the same time want what is best for her and for the Dojo.

I think that like many other people, I have made a mountain out of a mole hill, and have let the situation get out of hand.
Dear Matthew,
Why all the angst?If you fancy the girl just ask her out. If you were both employed in a supermarket or Mc Donalds would you worry whether your pending/possible romance would threaten the welfare of the company?Just go for it.Life is too short for wasting time on 'will I or wont I 'types of situation.
I have been married nearly 50 years to a lady I met at my judo dojo.She is almost a fixture in our Aikido community in the British Birankai.
The lasy will either accept the invite or say no.Better to make a move than sit about twirling your thumbs or being
indecisive. Good luck.
Cheers, Joe.
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