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Re: Tai Chi Ruler

Jang Choe wrote: View Post
Ark could've done that. But I think there was a bit more to it than just a sudden spiral pulse forward. But I'm sure what you wrote is a part of it, but not the whole part.
Absolutely. What I got was just a hint of the sun coming toward the horizon--not even enough to call it "light" yet.

What happened was, after I started feeling the hands so strongly, I started doing some spear thrusting (as I remembered Rob doing it in clips). I was trying to thrust the spear with jin and I noticed that when you bring the rear hand up over the head, that's a half-arc and that the spear tip makes a smaller complementary half-arc. And the tip also goes from pointing up to pointing down through a lengthwise arc. So I suddenly realized that I was projecting a spiral and remembered Ark showing that spiral coming up his lower leg from the heel (for the bo-pushing exercise). And then I realized that pole-shaking was this kind of thing but done sort of "in place," and that the main point was to use the hara to create the shaking.

Jang Choe wrote: View Post
Ark did mention that he won't be able to launch a girl that far since they weren't as strong as you.
I'm much stronger that a girl!

A small one, anyway. Except for Nori...or Jill...

I ran into an old high school acquaintance at a reunion and asked him what he's doing. He said he's into Chicken Fighting.

I said, "OK, I'm interested in that because, see, I know I can beat a chicken!"

Jang Choe wrote: View Post
So there was a lot of borrowing jin going on as well. He pretty much borrowed your force, reflected it, and returned your force back to you with a lot of interest which caused you to be launched back.
Of course, everything he did was completely connected and I'm also very unsure of the ideas of hara manipulation I have been examining. So I'm not working that too hard. And tai chi ruler is simple and soft enough that I think I can explore within it without so much risk.

Hope we can all meet up soon.



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