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So with that in mind, when I tried the pole-shaking by using only my hara movement, I suddenly felt that this was the secret ingredient Ark had used to slam me not off my stance but 25 feet back, several feet of it in the air. If you can use jin to push a grown man back with your thumb, say you suddenly added a pulse of that spiral energy and a forward shove? I was suddenly convinced that that was exactly what Ark had done to blast me back. I could feel it happening to me as I just whipped that pole around with hara movement. It hit me like wall of compressed air and blasted me back. Shaking the 16-foot bamboo, I felt that this added element to a forward push could account for that, and I recognized what Ark had been trying to tell me when he illustrated a spiral around his lower leg, from the ground up the leg and into the hip, in front of which was the pushing hand. He said to transfer the spiral from the ground through the leg and into the hand. And I thought that pole shaking could add the extra element--IF you used the hara movement to do it.
Ark could've done that. But I think there was a bit more to it than just a sudden spiral pulse forward. But I'm sure what you wrote is a part of it, but not the whole part.

Ark did mention that he won't be able to launch a girl that far since they weren't as strong as you. So there was a lot of borrowing jin going on as well. He pretty much borrowed your force, reflected it, and returned your force back to you with a lot of interest which caused you to be launched back.
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