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Re: Shimamoto Shihan @ Toronto Jun 5 - 6, 2010

I've been in contact with a few out of towners coming in for this seminar.. I'll repeat some of the hotel info I've shared.. The going rate seems to be $80-$90/night..

NEAR DOJO (you'll need a car to get to food from this hotel- or be patient with transit bus)
$99 / night if prepaid, $109 on the spot (you can almost walk to the dojo from here)

Delta DOWNTOWN (you'll need a car/transit to reach dojo)- a few dojo guests staying here

a deal we found for Delta @ $89/night

The hotel is downtown, and 3 blocks from the main commercial area, though the blocks around this hotel are shops/restaurants galore.. You may pay a small mint for parking though.. There are several garages/lots for parking nearby..

BUDGET geared hotels

DOWNTOWN$60$2A$D6$B2$92$9F$D6$B21!70$8A$B82!H0$0A!801000$40$BF$D5$0 C$80$CA$D5$0C$0A!90$270Ygsgoyg.$28mou.ljxjojya$29$2C.Goymsjg$2C.Xmomum!A0!6$FF!R 010003!90100020001!D0!4$FF

UPTOWN near dojo$60$2A$D6$B2$92$9F$D6$B21!70$8A$B82!H0$0A!801000$40$BF$D5$0 C$80$CA$D5$0C$0A!90$270Ygsgoyg.$28mou.ljxjojya$29$2C.Goymsjg$2C.Xmomum!A0!6$FF!R 010003!90100020001!D0!4$FF$60$2A$D6$B2$92$9F$D6$B21!70$8A$B82!H0$0A!801000$40$BF$D5$0 C$80$CA$D5$0C$0A!90$270Ygsgoyg.$28mou.ljxjojya$29$2C.Goymsjg$2C.Xmomum!A0!6$FF$1 9!Q010003!90100020001!D0!4$FF$60$2A$D6$B2$92$9F$D6$B21!70$8A$B82!H0$0A!801000$40$BF$D5$0 C$80$CA$D5$0C$0A!90$270Ygsgoyg.$28mou.ljxjojya$29$2C.Goymsjg$2C.Xmomum!A0!6$FF$1 9!Q010003!90100020001!D0!4$FF seems to have good prices, but you're booking anonymous hotels, with only vague notions of where they are..

It is best to book the downtown hotels or the North East Hotels.. You will find a link to the dojo's location in the original post.. Nearest major attraction to the dojo is the Ontario Science Center..

Any Qs on geography of Toronto, let me know..
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