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Re: "Transparent Power" Book

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Finally, just say, "No." to the Dynamic Sphere, it's awful. They were trying hard, but they really didn't know what they were doing or talking about (IMnsHO).
Funny how many folks think it is a great book. It was the first one I picked up and likely is responsible for me starting the art. If it wasn't for 'Sphere' how many would never even be in a position to be looking for some of that 'aiki' stuff?

As for 'TP' I have not been able to sift out the nuggets as others seem to have found but I'm still only on the 3rd reading ...

Kind of scary if 10 years is not nearly enough and maybe even 20 either. Not many have the right stuff to stick to it for that long.

When Gleason (via DH) says he learned more in 2 than in 20 it does give one hope! Of course, the seed must fall onto fertile ground before it can thrive.

"In my opinion, the time of spreading aikido to the world is finished; now we have to focus on quality." Yamada Yoshimitsu

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