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Re: "Transparent Power" Book

Hunter Lonsberry wrote: View Post
I have the japanese version of the book.

The only hints are:

1) You don't use the shoulders
2) You need to do massive amounts of solo training to build a body that is different than a normal body
You forgot the much repeated, "Kimura, you're an idiot and will never be as powerful as ME!!!! Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!"

I guess that's wasn't really a hint.

That said, I found it very much worth the time to read (thanks Tom!). While it doesn't lay out a training paradigm, it offers goals. I found myself reading it thinking, "Hmm, can I do that? Do I even think that's possible? If so, what would I need to focus on to get that... Hmm, I can kind of do that, but not to the extent he's talking about, what would I need to do to actually come close to what he's talking about..." etc.

I feel like it helped nudge me in some positive directions in my training, but if I didn't have some context to relate to what he was talking about, it wouldn't have helped me at all.

Finally, just say, "No." to the Dynamic Sphere, it's awful. They were trying hard, but they really didn't know what they were doing or talking about (IMnsHO).

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