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"Battered Briton Survives Aikido Ordeal"

Posted 2010-04-28 20:56:21 by Bernard Kwan
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This article entitled "Battered Briton Survives Aikido Ordeal" highlights Andrew Carter who went through the Yoshinkan senshusei program in Tokyo, Japan.

From the article: The Senshusei course is famous - some might say infamous - for the severity of the training. Injury is not just possible, it's seemingly inevitable. The first training session of the course, says Carter, was "interesting." "It was an hour of nonstop, difficult exercises. Out of 10 of us, one guy's legs gave out and he collapsed. I collided with another guy and he went to hospital with a cut to his head; I got a black eye out of that clash. One guy's nose started bleeding due to too many press-ups."

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