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Re: Talk or not to talk?

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There are times when I want them to figure it out for themselves rather than them picking up my personal take on it. Sometimes the students can get complacent and expect everything to be handed to them on a glorious silver plater. You're up there explaining and realize that they're all in "reception only" mode. Just accepting what they're hearing with no real effort on their part. So you need to challenge them to get up and go get it themselves. Sometimes the process of figuring it out is more important than what they've figured out.

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I agreee, I think the process of students adapting themselves to learning is also very important. A sensei will teach the way he teaches and it's up to the student to fill in the rest, embarking on a journey for himself.
I've adapted myself to learning by observing, emulating, practicing, asking questions, feel the techniques, practice some more. See what my sensei is showing, emulating what he's doing, practice regularly, asking my sensei if what i'm doing is correct or and the best part is to be his uke to feel how the technique's supposed to be done. Feeling is just as important as seeing and hearing.
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