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Re: Getting Your Mind Ready. Fast.

Thank you everyone for your replies, I see a lot of common themes and in general beleive I'm on the right track. One thing I can specifically start doing is starting to unwind the mind earlier. I also like the idea of a specific ritual just for Aikido, such as putting on armor. In fact, it will certainly be added to my arsonal in relation to my statement of starting to unwind my mind ealier. By the time I'm putting on my gi I should be focusing my mind with relaxed purpose on my center.

I will also offer agreement to the "always be one with the universe" replies. When I find the day or life getting out of hand, I will try to step back, breath, remember how I find my ki for Aikido, do so, then either proceed in balance and/or throw a few people around the board room.

Again, thank you all for the current and future responses on this topic.
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