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Re: Getting Your Mind Ready. Fast.

Lots of great advice. I guess at this point in my life and the years I have been training that training has become a intrinsic habit for me. I simply go to the dojo and put on my gi and train. Whatever I had bothering me or whatever is going on outside is never a thought for me. I simply go to class and train.

I think I probably used to do the whole meditation/breathing/ritual type of thing a little, but really I just show up and train now and I am "in the moment".

I think also that you can do all that wazoo cool "get in the mood" sort of ritual and really not be in the moment or in your body, but rather in some other body or mind set that is really not yours simply because you are trying too hard to be something that you are not at that moment!

I suppose like Don Magee, simply "putting on my armor" or my Gi is my conditioned signal that I am ready to train.

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