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Re: Getting Your Mind Ready. Fast.

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I'm looking for advice on putting your mind in the right place for Aikido before class. First it was an intellectual curiosty, but my very limited experience has shown me, usually outside of class when I have time, if you can relax your mind and find your center, everything feels more loose & balanced. You can feel your ki and it leads you to ai so to speak.

Do you have any tips for doing this in 5 - 10 minutes, which is all you have when you get on the mat after a long busy, non-stop day and before class starts. There is a class before yours, plus life & duty, so that is all you have. Keep you mind you're (ok I'm) an out of shape (but working on it) 33yr old that needs to warm up as well.

My current process is that I warm up my specific needs (especially my knees) in the 10min before, and concentrate on my center as sensei leads us through a good relaxed start up. This works for me in general, but I know I need to loosen up (I also get reminded to do so) as the class progresses.

So, effective tips for centering your mind and ki before class after a typical long hectic day. Once you get it centered, how do you keep it from wondering? I'm happy with the answer "keep working at it", and being new I expect to do nothing less. I also talk to people I know; but I am always open to advice from anywhere so thought I'd ask what you do.
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