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Brian H
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My $.02

1) Equal means equal. Most of the women I know would be insulted if they were sent to a "special" class. Living in the Washington, D.C. area, visitors are not at all unusual (hardly a week goes by that someone doesn't drop by and practice with us while visiting or vactioning in DC). It would be very bad for a senior female visitor to be steered away to a "special" class.

2) Many (if not all) women enjoy tossing around men like cord wood. The other night a female student, who was literally half my size, was having a great time ripping me off my feet.

3) Most women, if they are attacked on the street (and sadly, in their own homes) are going to be attacked by men. Train like a fight, fight like you trained.

4) While spending a relaxing evening at the dojo with your male buddies just beating the snot out of each other is fun, women ARE just more interesting partners. In order to do a technique right on somebody half your size you actually have to do it right. Besides they are sneaky and always let you know when you are not paying attention to them. (This is NOT a veiled reference to Elise always punching the guys in the face!)

Evil triumphs when good men do nothing
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