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Thank you Mr. Clark, for your comments and observations. Also Mr. Knoops made some very good points about how women can often elicit this "teaching" by asking "what am I doing wrong?". I agree that this happens. This year at summer camp, I was asking the same thing quite a few times, and got a lot of help. Last year, I don't think I asked it once, and no one tried to "teach" me anything. This year at camp I was battleing a rotator cuff injury which is making me adjust my attacks as well as my ukemi. It comes through as weakness both to me and to my training partners. Maybe by next year, I will have learned to keep my elbows into my body enough not to hurt myself. I am going to do an experiment next seminar I go to, and make an effort to not ask anything like "was that right?" and see if I get any "advice" on the mat. It will be interesting to see.

Okay, this was all an aside from the womens only classes.
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