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Re: Cultivating a mind for training honestly.

I think I may have posted the quote to which Dean is referring. In my experience with pins I notice that students who choose to fight a solid pin often lack the martial education to realize the risk and consequences of the contest. To this observation I identify two points to the problem: first, uke is not competent to understand the danger inherent with contesting the pin, second, nage has a greater burden of communication to both convince uke that nage is in control of technique and to educate uke about the danger of contesting the pin. This is one of the disadvantages to aikido practice that has created an environment of aikido students who lack fundamental fighting skills to realize and react to danger.

As for the students who understand the consequences of their action but choose to thwart nage, they are taking a great personal risk for a simple satisfaction. Dumb, no excuse. This is not good aikido and does not provide a learning experience.

I think it is important to a good dojo environment to separate the innocents from the offenders and address their individual needs. Sensei (or dai sempai) have an obligation provide martial education to kohai. Sensei (or dai sempai) have the duty to inform offenders of intolerable actions in the dojo.
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