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Re: Would the Ikkyo pin work in MMA?

MMA is a sport. If the technique has no tactical advantage in a ring within the regulations and assumptions that go along with competitive fighting, then that technique is a waste of time and a risk.

However, just because an Aikido technique is not good for competitive sports it is not any reason to assume the technique is useless. I think in these days a lot of people judge the worth of a martial art by whether or not you can use it in the octagon! This pains me.
I don't disqualify BJJ by saying "pff, it isn't street effective, because an officer would get stabbed, over taken and destroy his knee caps on the cement if he tried to shoot out the legs of a drug dealer...especially if the drug dealer had five of his buddies with him!" That statement would be unfair to BJJ, because BJJ works perfectly fine in the setting it was designed for.. as much as standing jujitsu works just fine for the setting it was designed to be performed in.

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