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Re: Video definitions, "Aiki" and other terms.

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Got to love SNL - they can bring to the surface that which we all yearn to say and display it in a manner that truly shows why it really should stay suppressed - unfortunately, there are things that can tip the scale of good manners and bring out the worst - the important point is to realize that and to move on with a focus in establishing a bi-directional atmosphere of mutual respect and exchange of ideas regardless of preconceived positions and assumptions of what is being discussed - due to the unique nature of things, everyone has a right to express what they feel is what they have experienced and no one can truly question that because they could not have had the same experience since they are not you - do not look down and disrespect that experience, just share what you can for what it is worth to whomever

yes. it's true.
I'm sorry Mike. Didn't mean to give offense. Just sometimes; about the; `sophisticated troll', but? well,...maybe more like i think you are a deliberate wormhole creator!. To spark the conversation. Like Erick and the shearses. For you, though:: maybe ..more like one of Buddha's Attendant warriors guarding the path. With aiki skills. -Guarding the Path-. Like, in maybe in going so far as misdirecting. Subtly though. i.e....Your site is called QiJin, right? Like as in those 2 things. The + and the - of the Yin Yang. Like how you rated the Chen Silk Reeling vid a 5 out of 10?, as in exactly half the story? Like, as in not mentioning the qi bit. Do you -really- want to discuss nuts-and-bolts? I wouldn't blame niether you or Dan, in fact. You guys are serious experts both of you, and doing this seriously.Why would you give it away? Especially when it's hard, and its -so easy- to mis-communicate, nevermind in text to strangers. but: What am I, as a member of the peanut gallery to take from all the -t-y-p-i-n-g- on the screen we see? I think it's neet to see how people could use their bodies. Do you want to talk nuts-and-bolts? No worries, if you don't want to get into it here, as well. But your thoughts would be interesting to hear, that's for sure.
(yes; it's just photons on a screen, almost nobody would get irradiated by your aiki) :]

For instance this<
Anything you could offer about his movement that reminded you of? In any way, is there anything aiki about it? I, honestly could not say; but would guess no. you?
I've never seen a human move so fast. At any point, Is he doing a 'power release', or is it always an external movement?

Truly, it is always interesting,
Best to you,

p.s. Would you be able to point me to an explanation of silk reeling that would have rated a 10 out of 10?

p.p.s; About the one-legged standing static aiki display? I didn't try to explain it because i didn't know how to explain it in terms that the discussion was going in. I thought you had to use the qi bit to do it. I didn't think groundpath, used as a 'battering ram' (thanks CM) alone would explain it. You basically have to activate your dantien. Float your muscluature about self-rotation. Allow dantien to wind, etc. Then you 'open' your body lines into uke. Somehow (can't type it); you 'get under', and capture uke's dantien. If erick is reading; definitely there is shear involved.

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