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Do symbol Cultivating a mind for training honestly.

I read this in another thread:
The debate therefore is not whether pins work, but rather what motivates uke to solicit a more uncomfortable pin by attempting to escape. To that extent, it concerns me when uke attempts to escape a pin because that signals uke does not believe the exchange to be at its end. Pins should communicate, "I can hurt you, you cannot defend yourself. Stop your actions and submit to me."
I agree with this comment. There is no point to struggling out of a pin if the back of your head and neck are exposed to nage. You are signalling that you want to get struck. However, I want to take a look at what ideas are percieved in the dojo.

We have all had people fight a technique when they first come to the dojo. We have all had people do what is discussed in the above quote where they attempt to escape the pin. We have had people being extremely cooperative uke and you are not training honestly.
We have had people punch at you and if you don't move, the punch doesn't actually connect, it sometimes even veers off to one side to help you avoid it.

More and more I am looking at how I can train the minds of the students rather than just teach them techniques. This thread has some relevance to the thread I started on "Courage". However, I want to look more deeply into creating an atmosphere in a dojo where we cultivate the right training method for body AND mind.

Thoughts, please.

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