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Re: Would the Ikkyo pin work in MMA?

Thursday night me and a friend were working through kaiten nage and I was discussing the proper context on Katien Nage and how I felt the ukemi should be taken. From a chest level Atemi, when Nage would block and start the katien nage, I as uke believe that it is appropriate to change levels from a high technigue to a low technique such as a double or single leg takedown.

If nage is maintaining proper structure and presence, then he is in position to throw a knee to my head as I come toward his legs, sensing this presence of the knee, I then realize that this is not smart and the only "smart" thing to do is to roll out forward...if I resist backwards, then I am going to be pulled down on my back, which is a bad thing too.

Hence, in the end, I end up taking the same ukemi, proper as demonstrated by most "good" folks doing ukemi. However, the context of what I am doing through out the encounter is not simply "dead" or "doing a forward roll".

I am "alive" and actively engaging nage as uke throughout the process. It gives nage a reason and context for the technique, and I think makes it actually make sense and work.

Context is important, I think many times we simply take ukemi, which while maybe not bad ukemi, we simply may not see all the context in what is going on or could go on in the situation.

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