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C.E. Clark (Chuck Clark) wrote:
To Rachel, Colleen, and Deb,

I have also seen this quite a lot. It must come from our early gender modeling. Most men grow up learning from both Mom and Dad and most of the rest of society that men must look after women and take care of them. Of course this is slowly changing in certain areas of our society but will take a long, long time to filter out this sort of sexism.

One of my teachers and two of my respected sempai in my life have been very skillful, strong women. ...
Hello to Rachel, Colleen and Deb.

I would agree with Mr Clark's comments and to some extent I have been guilty of some of the behaviour that's been commented on. Hopefully I'm a better Uke and Aikidoka now. And yes, Mr Clark's dojo sounds like a fun place to train.

In my very limited experience as an aikidoka (only 9 years) I have had the privilege of training with and been instructed by very experienced, skilled and knowledgeale women aikidoka (as well as men). I have certainly learnt a considerable amount from them. To have separate classes where separate classes are not necessary would, IMHO, restrict our opportunities to learn from each other and share in our mutual interest as aikidoka (irrespective of our gender).

As a side note, Mary Heiny Sensei was to conduct a seminar next week. Unfortunately its been cancelled. I was very much looking forward to her first visit to Perth and participating in her seminar. Hopefully she can come in the near future.

All the best for training

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